Realtime Localization
for Mobile Apps

Cloud based localization that just works

Wiz is your one-stop end-to-end localization service built by app developers for app developers.


Fast and efficient

Localize your entire app with hundreds or even thousands of strings in a matter of seconds. We do it for you so you don’t have to worry about it.



Manage all your textual content and translations in one place.


Always up to date

Change strings on the server side and update in your app in real time.

Localize In Seconds

Localization should not take you weeks or even days.

Developer time and translators are expensive. We localize your apps and keep localizations up to date so you don’t have to.

let wiz = LocalizeWiz(apiKey: myApiKey)

self.textLabel.text = wiz.get("Localization is easy with wiz", language: "fr")

Multi Platform Support

With support for iOS, Android and Web platforms, we have you covered no matter which userbase you support.

Cloud Based Instant Translations

Update your content on the fly. Notice a typo or just came up with a more catchy line? Update your app content in real-time without an app update.


Language Support

With over 60 languages supported, you can reach over 90% of people in the world in a language they can understand.

Offline support

No internet connection? No problem. Translations are cached locally so your content shows up whether your users are online or not.

LocalizationFile Management

Manage all your localization files and translated content in one place. No more spreadsheets or documents to track.

Team Collaboration

Your entire team can collaborate. Developers, product managers, translators can review and update content in the cloud and update in the app in real time.

With features like this, LocalizeWiz is a revolutionary localization solution for all your apps. You can rest easy knowing that we have you covered. You can focus on building great apps. Let us take care of your app localization.

Start localizing your apps today with LocalizeWiz.