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Our sdk written in Swift works on all Apple devices. You can install this sdk in iOS, macOS, and tvOS projects.



Add the following to your podfile

pod ‘LocalizeWiz/wiz’ ~> ‘1.2.0’

From the command line at the root folder of your project.

pod install

pod install


Swift package manager

To install using swift package manager:



Using Wiz in code

let wiz = LocalizeWiz(apiKey: myWizApiKey, projectId: myWizProjectId)
wiz.get("Click the button below to sign up")

Wiz automatically detects the user’s locale, finds the correct translation for this locale and updates the label text with the localized string.

To override the default locale selection you can specify a locale. For instance, if you app lets users change language within the app, and does not rely on the locale selected in the device settings.

wiz.locale = "fr"

Using Wiz in storyboards

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